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Your Eyes Need Protection Too!

InSight UVInSight Eyecare is all about Prevention.

Overexposure to Ultraviolet rays, affect 3 million people’s sight yearly. Just like your skin needs protection from the damaging ultraviolet sun rays, so do your eyes.

6 150×150Despite the fact, we all love summer and the sun, it can be bad for your eyes. Not only can it make it hard to see, UV can impair your vision over long periods of time, such as cataracts and Macular degeneration.

So enjoy your summer in the sun with 100% UV protection sunglasses.

InSight opticians are here to help with protection, style, and fit:Facebook7 300×300

  • At the pool
  • On the golf course
  • Riding your motorcycle
  • Sports walking in marathons
  • Driving your car


Have a great summer!


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