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Check Out Our New Tech!

InSight Eyecare Associates is excited to announce our latest technology addition, the California by Optos!

Optos introduces its latest ultra-widefield (uWFTM) imaging device, California!

Images are now presented in ProViewTM which displays optomap in a consistent geometry that accurately represents anatomical features in the retina. Further, ProView enables automatic image registration for tracking over time and inter-modality image comparison. The new optical design optimizes and maintains resolution of the optomap images throughout the scan of the retina resulting in more clarity in the far periphery. Comparisons can be made between different images or different dates by scrolling through all stored images from the current or prior visit.

With UWf views of 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina, eyecare professionals can see 50% more of the retina when compared to other conventional imaging devices!


  • California is designed as a compact, table-top model to reduce space requirements. further, the new design leads to ease of use and faster image capture.
  • Non-mydriatic, high-resolution imaging through many cataracts and/or 2mm pupils saves time in busy practices.
  • Comprehensive retinal analysis through multiple wavelengths and image modalities, all in UWf.
  • Composite color images can be viewed in their separate laser channels to show specific depths of the retina:

– Green (532 nm) “red-free” visualizes the sensory retina to the RpE

– Red (635 nm) shows deeper structures of the retina (RpE to choroid)

– infrared (802 nm) provides images at the choroid level

– Blue (488 nm) is used during fa procedures


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